Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What To Do Next


It's not the end if you have your dog with you.

Wait, I have to go try to find a Spinal Tap quote....

Reporter: So tonight's the last show of the tour. 
 How's that feel? You know, is like this your last waltz,
 are we talkin' the end of Spinal Tap, or are you gonna 
try to milk it for a few more years in Europe, I mean....
David:  Well, I don't, I don't really think that the end
 can be assessed...uh as of itself as being the end because
what does the end feel like, it's like saying when you
 try to extrapolate the end of the universe you say the...
if the universe is indeed infinite then how what does 
that mean? How far is is all the way and then if 
it stops what's stoppin' it and what's behind what's 
stoppin' it, so what's the end, you know,
is my...question to you....
So what's the end for tradpub is the beginning for a lot of us.
What's behind what's stopping it?  Stupidity and greed.
And a big shout out welcome to all those in tradpub who will hold 
the truth against me.  Some blog said don't talk trash on your blog.
Good advice! 
Let's all just talk about flowers.
This is actually not as hard an effect to achieve as it looks. 
You just dial back everything that's not pink. I don't do it 
in Photoshop, though, I do it in
Lightroom.  I'll bet you can do it in CS6.

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