Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Don't Care, This Is Over-Priced

This is for Nigel Slater's new cookbook from Ten Speed Press to be released in 10 days.  Okay it's 600 pages in the meatosphere but in digital do we charge by the byte?


Amazon Price New from Used from
Kindle Edition --  
Hardcover $26.40  

I am not a fan of cookbooks on a reader.  It's hard to keep the recipe on one screen--as I know from experience.  Do I want to bring the reader into the kitchen where I will undoubtedly spill something on it?  No, so that requires copying onto a piece of paper, which yes, I do anyway.  I'd rather see the whole recipe at the same time.  Maybe other people don't mind.  I do.  I think this is where readers are clumsy and inelegant.

If this was priced at $9.99---actually no, not even at that.  $5.99 is what I would pay for this.  And one of the chief reasons is even if the Nook screen is lovely, the images will be small.  I know the photography must be great so thank you very much, I'd like to be able to see it and enjoy it.

$20 for an ebook?  Are they out of their minds?  (Yes.)

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