Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kindle Fire

Lovely Tom the UPS man brought it and is charging right now.  I was just having too hard a time figuring out what the formatting looked like and I'm very tired of seeing the complaint reviews.  It doesn't come with a USB cable.   Whyever not?  Fortunately the Amazon Basics cable approx $6 that I got for the Nook and it didn't work, is perfect for the Fire.

That's my news du jour.  I had another thought but thoughts are fragile things and I won't say more about it.

Some famous British writer I never heard of decided after making millions as a trad pub writer, he'd go back to self because there's more freedom.

I went shopping which is unfortunately tedious (got a new mouse though!) and I had lots of time to think about a former agent.  She's the one who in a fit of surprising honesty said "I'm not your friend".  I couldn't please this woman.  Whatever I wrote, she didn't handle it.

This trad pub thing is broken.  Big Time.

In the past 3 years I've written cookbooks, a gardening "book", women's fiction, "fantasy", and YA.  Seems like I'm leaving things out.  Well, the mystery.  2 novellas.  I'm not sure Ms "This Isn't For Me" would have handled any of it.  What does that do to a writer's career?  You're tied, contractually, to an agent, and everything you want to do beyond 1 narrow path, is out of bounds?  You stop being creative and you start being a drone.

Some writers like being a drone.  I've been in daytime I wrote alongside drones.  They didn't have one clever idea in their fluffy little heads.  But they came up with the words week after week and the pay was good.  What's the problem?

Well, none if that's what you want.

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