Friday, April 6, 2012

Freebie Weekend The Missed Wish

Yes, my novella is free this weekend.  So everyone go download it at the same time so Amazon's algorithm will be shocked into action and make it Number 1 with a bullet.  I'm kidding, I have no idea how the algorithm thing works but have heard speed and density has something to do with it.  The Missed Wish

Hopefully I can concentrate on my new book this weekend.  I don't know how many words is left to go but probably around 1000.  I'm at the last scene.  I need to get to one moment and then the finale.  All week I've been pretty much perched here.

What can I say that can be vaguely construed as digital publishing advice?  Since I will probably go against this advice this weekend--keep your covers simple.  I'm getting to be a big fan of text only if done right.  Or text and  key image that is central to the book.  Don't try to tell everything about the book on the cover.  (Or you can just have such a striking image that no one particularly cares what message you're sending.)

With this Wish cover.  He's great looking, right?  She's there snuggling sorta.  Isn't that all you need to know?

The introduction to your book will be a thumbnail.  Yes, on the page the cover will be nice and large and understandable, but in a thumbnail even the title can disappear into a busy background.  Sad but true.  You need to find a middle ground.

All this known and talked about I will spend most of the weekend adding layer upon layer to what's already a busy background and wind up frustrating myself and taking most of the elements out.  But right now, I don't know which ones those will be.  I don't know which ones I think will work.  I need to see it.  So you have to go through the process.  Some covers take 30 minutes, some take hours.  You don't know.

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