Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sharing a Secret

I've been working on a book on and off from the beginning of the year.  There were a couple other projects that got sandwiched in so it took much longer than I expected.  And I had some questions about possibly using a pen name.  Do I need a reboot?  I've been thinking about the cover for about two months and had worked up a test background.  I liked it but it didn't seem right.  Nothing was coming together.  On one hand I wanted to do this book, but on the other I wanted to do a different one.  The book was full of surprises.  First off, it was about a boy not a girl.  Yeah sure there's a girl in it but it's his story.  The book is full of questionable activities--most illegal, and I wondered if they belonged in a YA.

So I took the advice of Robert Muchamore who said kids who read his books see the same thing on TV in the evening.  Too true.  Maybe I wish it wasn't true but it is.  How about the word bullshit.  Is that okay?  Bitch and bastard are standard on TV now.  I don't think they belong in a YA but heck, let them stay.  Who knows maybe one day I'll be dropping the F bomb as often as I do IRL.

Then we come to the sex part.  While very suggestive, nothing graphic but OTOH I think there were 3 movies on Lifetime TV yesterday that came very close to this topic, so I'm not pushing the envelope here.

Drugs.  Yes.  Drinking, mentioned.  Fist fight, yes.

This is all pretty far from Summer Horse.  Now you can see why I was wondering if a pen name wouldn't be good.  I don't necessarily want a 10 year old to have this come up in a search just because it has my name on it.  I couldn't come up with something.  My grandfather's name on my father's side, my greatgrandfather's name on my grandmother's side (too late, used that in Murder Is Exhausting).  Wait.  My father's middle name/my middle name.  Okay perfect. Make a decision, please!  (Libra Rising, great aversion to decision making.).

Background.  Took a photo of some batik fabric.  Yes, very true.  That's what that is.  And through the magic of Photoshop and many layers and colorings and use of brushes here's the cover

There we go and here's the blurb

From the first moment she saw him, she knew she loved him, would always love him, had always loved him.  They came from two worlds but he was as perfect for her as she was for him.  She loved music and he was a musician.  He had eyes so beautiful it made her catch her breath.  She longed to be caressed by his hands, to be touched by him, to be loved by him.  Her life became about one thing—making sure they were together forever.
She would do anything to make it happen.
And if she was his high school English teacher, why should that matter?  This time they would get it right.  This was a love for the ages.

I don't know when I'll be done with postproduction.  Soon I hope since I have math to do I'm not looking forward to at all.

The Missed Wish

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