Friday, April 20, 2012

Rewriting Days Are Over

I'll put it on top so you can enjoy it while you read.

In daytime television there is no rewriting.  You take a pass at it and let it go.

Someone mentioned something about one of my books recently with the feeling that maybe I'd like to go back and "do" something.

No.  Not for 99 cents.  Not with drunk troll reviews.  I make my--MY--best call and that's what goes out.  I'll fix typos but I'm not rewriting.  I'm going on to the next book.

One of the problems with rewriting is that every person/reader who comes along has a different opinion.  So the writer addresses each new person and "fixes" the issue.  After some time you've written by committee and you have a bastardized, ill-conceived version of your vision.  I don't owe readers rewrites.  I owe readers what I consider a good story, maybe not a great one, but a good one to pass the time and they paid a bargain basement price.  Anything you can purchase from an indie is a bargain compared to trad pub.  So if they don't think an indie book is worth it,  they are free to stick to the trad pub books--and there are a great many of them--and pay $12.99.

Here's a reality.  I have call it 70 reviews on Dream Horse at BN.  Most of them are 5 star.  Some people hate this book.  They think I'm stupid and I don't know anything about horses.  One reader "cringed" at how ill-informed I am about all things equestrian.  (I've had horses since I was 11.)  Readers come with their biases.  You can't please them all. 

Please yourself.  Be true to your vision.

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