Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of Life's Bizarre Moments

A couple years back I was watching TV and a movie came on, Executive Decision.  Starts with a small plane flying.  You know how I like planes.  The camera gets a close-up of the plane.

I go Wow.  A straight tail Beechcraft Bonanza.  (Those are really unusual, you mostly see the V-tails.  My first flight instructor had a V-Tail--they were called Doctor/Lawyer killers for a time, but he flew for United so it wasn't going to kill him.)
Closer up.  I see the N-Number.  (It's the plane's ID/like a license plate in England, it always stays with the plane.)
2TS.  2 Tango Sierra?  I know that plane.  (It was originally owned by a man named Tim Sullivan.  You can do that, get a "vanity plate" but the whole point is that an ID is only ever used once so if a plane crashes you know what plane it is.  There will never be another 2TS.)
Close-up interior of aircraft.
An actor I gave a job to on The Doctors when I was headwriter is teaching Kurt Russell how to fly.  (It's his plane and we flew out of the same airport.)

So if you want to see 2TS it's on this morning at 8 am on the AMC channel.  The whole experience will be over in about 1 minute so you can return to your real life quickly thereafter as I did.

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