Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pricing, Ever the Conundrum

Don't listen to me.  No, wait, you can listen to me.  Just don't pay any attention.  Why not?  Because I don't think anyone really knows.  I would really like to sell books for what they're worth but they don't sell at that price.  So when I raise the prices, my sales flatline.  I just read about Hugh Howey who like John Locke prices at 99 cents and everyone is very happy with him.  Yes, he's in a hot genre.  Being in a good mainstream genre is the best way to move those units.

So I don't think like that.  Next lifetime, maybe.

Some people say $2.99 is the lowest for a novel.   Some have priced higher than that.   Here's what I can tell you with complete assurance--I don't know.

I'm going to do an article, I think.  I'll start, anyway.  Give it a whirl.  Try to do a Table of Contents.

I went back to a book I had started before Her Cold Kiss.  I really like the characters and the situation , so those of you who are in my fan base are going to like this one!

I played around with that flower photo yesterday, attempting to make it appear that the wind was blowing.

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