Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Missed Wish

Not only am I having computer issues, blogger seems to be choking today.  So hopefully this will get posted without further hair loss.

I wrote this novella a couple months ago and put it on Kindle Select.  Nothing.  I was waiting to use it as a Gimme Cap to my new novel.  The timing isn't going to quite work as I hoped as this is finishing its 90 days on the 9th and I don't know when the new novel will be released.  But I suppose there is nothing to lose and potentially something to be gained so it will be free this weekend.  If you want to read a YA about polo, bigamy and screwed up wishes, this story may be good for you.  I'll post the link on Friday.

Here's the blurb

“Greg Rydell loved being married so much, he did it twice.  The only problem was instead of sequentially, he did it concurrently.”
You’d love to have this said about your father on national television, too, right?  No, you’d hate having a bigamist as your father and so did I. 
I tossed a coin into the fountain and wished for my family, suddenly I had two of them.  I knew when I went back to grab my quarter, I had gotten the wrong coin.  Now I was getting someone else’s wish—to be famous.
All this insanity was played out in front of Mill Crocker, the captain of the school polo team and the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen or expected to see.  Of course the humiliation didn’t didn’t stop at keeling over in the dead faint when the news about the Rydell Family 2.0 was revealed, or when I went on a stupid talk show to tell my father exactly what I thought of him or being chased by reporters on my first date with Mill.  Embarrassment lurked everywhere waiting for me.
Somehow it didn’t bother Mill.  He liked me because I was fearless on a horse and could ride as well as he did. 
Mill didn’t take my wishing seriously but I did.  I wished I could be with him forever.
The way things were going that was stacking up to be my missed wish unless I got the right coin back.  But how was I going to find it among the thousands in the fountain?

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