Monday, April 23, 2012

What I Did This Month

I wrote an article.  What's an article but a Kindle that's not a Kindle Short?  Because it won't make it into Kindle Shorts.  What's an e-pamphlet?  That's what this is.

It's a piece on growing tomatoes, something I know more about than my neighbors but far less than Carolyn Male or Craig Lehouillier.  You can be a real expert on tomatoes, as they are,  and I'm not.  But you don't need to be an expert to just grow a few out in the yard.  So that's what this e-pamphlet is--a guide for those who want to start but are unsure.  I've learned a heck of a lot from those experts and used that wisdom in my garden and sometimes their seeds.  If the weather is in my favor, I have enough tomatoes to give buckets full away.  My darling dentist, OBM, used to love my tomatoes. 

Mostly photos of my own tomatoes, the thing (what IS it?!) is amply illustrated.

Farm Girl hopes it helps lots of newbies.

Yes it has a Table of Contents that as far as I can tell does work.  It's just a piece, not an entire book and I assume the reader knows a bit about gardening.  I didn't want to write an entire book, just give the reader basic information on planting a couple tomato plants this year.

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