Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table of Contents Again

I'm doing an article, a how-to thing and there are a number of sections to it.  I know that if I don't put in a TOC, there will be complaint reviews.

Last time we discussed this I said the Word help file was the most helpful.  This time I couldn't get the normal way to work.  So hours of searching and struggling ensued.

Here's what you have to do--if you can't get the supposedly easy/automated way to work.   This method means do not click Headers in the style section of the Home section.  Guaranteed screw-up.   (I took notes this time.)

1.  In Reference, click  whichever style you want to use TOC.
2. Go through the document and highlight each chapter or heading.  Each time click add text.
3. When you've done that click update.

You should have a TOC and it will be clickable.

If you have the problem like I did this afternoon and the lines were too long resulting in a horrible jumble, you can go into the formatting for the TOC and simply uncheck show page numbers.  They're only accurate in your document anyway.  Once the book is in a reader, who knows what size font the reader will use.

I wonder how long Amazon will take to decide this is not in public domain, I didn't steal it from somewhere and publish it so I can immediately upload the corrected version so we can begin the process again.

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