Monday, January 30, 2012

What's A Short Book?

A short novel is a novella.  A single is a single.  A short story is a short story.  What's 10 recipes for a "cookbook"?

It's not a pamphlet.  It's not a booklet.  I'm calling it booklette but is there a new term for this?  Suggestions, anyone?  Mini-book?  Micro-book?  Bookling?

I bought a hardcover cookbook from France.  It's short with about 25 recipes.  This was the norm.   All the ones I looked at seem much shorter than any American cookbook.  Today I feel that American cookbooks are bloated.  The publisher/editors in tradpub have been insisting on these encyclopedic tomes in order to justify the high price they "must" charge.

It's wonderful to have the freedom to once again be able to publish books at their real length but do we need to invent new categories/terms?

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