Monday, January 30, 2012

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The PubIt! staff does not manage Customer Reviews.  Please use the
following link to contact Barnes & Noble Customer Service with your

You can also call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-THE-BOOK

The PubIt! Team

Original Message Follows:

I seem to have a very difficult time of getting any support so I'll
keep trying.

Please remove the ridiculous reviews from the Dream Horse page

Posted January 28, 2012
It looks real good, but I CANT GET THE SAMPLE!!!!!

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Customer Service doesn't handle malicious reviews either if you click on that link.  You get to live chat and Hina sent me back to PubIt.  I called the number and have a compassionate woman who understands the issue but it's not her province either.

I guess you're pretty much on your own at BN.  Sad.

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