Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Accent Falls On The Accent

They're having a Parent Trap marathon on the Hallmark Channel.  This morning it seems to be Hayley Mills and this afternoon Lindsay Lohan.  Here's the problem with both of them for me.  Hayley Mills.  Why does she speak with an English accent when she as Susan grew up in California and as Sharon who grew up in Boston?  Doesn't make sense anymore than Sean Connery speaking with his Scot accent and playing a Lithuanian sub commander in whatever movie Alec Baldwin was in also.  Lindsay Lohan.  She was surprisingly good but who can look at her without thinking of the Lindsay Lohan of the last few years--very vivid.  And of course that poor Richardson woman who died in the ski accident--very vivid.

I won't name another movie because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I've seen most of it in parts now and when the 16 year old kid supporting player and the dog (I'm not kidding, the dog is really good) are the most talented actors in the cast, there's a genuine problem.  Didn't anyone notice?  Two words--acting coach.

Just get 'er done.  Either the audience is too dumb to notice/care or there are other elements in the movie that will gloss over the insufficiencies.  And there was a whole long article about a week ago why Hollywood can't figure out why ticket sales are way down.

I don't have premium channels.  Waste of money.  If there's a free weekend, I go look and see they're running about 50% movies from years past.  I can see those on USA except of course with commercials but since I've seen them 16 times already am I really paying attention anyway?  No.

So today while Hayley Mills was doing her cute thing--and I do watch this movie every blinking time it's on, I love Brian Keith,--I made frosting and took pictures of cupcakes for the cookbook.  It was supposed to be an easy frosting.  Actually I think it's harder the way it was written so of course I "fixed" it.  It's still no less complicated or time consuming than real buttercream.  And nothing in the world compares with real buttercream, besides it's so simple anyway, I don't know why people use that cornstarch frosting.   You know what I'm talking about--the confectioner's sugar thing.  Ugh.  Can't you all taste the uncooked cornstarch in that???  I guess I have to make it my mission to convince 1 person at a time to give that up.

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