Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look Mom! No Power Lines

Yes, my thrill of the day was learning how to remove power lines from a photo using Photoshop.  Spot Healing Brush.  These people are geniuses.

I downloaded a free book from Amazon.  I'm just going to think out loud for a little bit and maybe it'll prompt you to think, too.

This book was far from entertaining and yet at one point I believe it was published by one of the Big Six.  Didn't they notice there was no character development, too many characters, no real plot and it was just in general a big bore?

Most of us have had a run-in with tradpub either unhappily published or unhappily rejected or both.  Lucky you who are neither.  Let's just say--for the sake of one of those arguments again--that tradpub has expectations of what will be good for the reading public and if you don't fall within the parameters, you're not good enough to be published.

Now the gates at thrown open, the gatekeepers have been (rightfully) trampled, and readers can read from a vast menu of choices.

Here's the question.  Do digital readers have different requirements than an agent/editor combo in NYC?

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