Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another day, Another Gasp

More blog posts about why tradpub is a vibrant industry, the rest of us are stupid and the lawsuit to harass/steal the ebook rights from a 90 year old woman continues.

Is there anything worse in a society than seeing a senior citizen abused?  This is what traditional publishing has devolved to?  They need the money so badly they would turn Jean Craighead George's remaining years into a legal battle?  Is there anything more unseemly and telling than this?  I find it despicable.

This is how much tradpub cares about you.  I actually prefer the anonymity of Amazon and even the dopey complaint about Nothing Serious and the whole objets/objects issue with the drunk troll.  That's easy to resolve.  Accede to their idiot demand or unpublish the book.  Either way it's over in 5 minutes.

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