Sunday, January 8, 2012

For The Right Price

Say about $2500, I will be glad to do the work to get Dream Horse printed through CreateSpace.  Actually, I'll just give Lightning Source $12 and tell them to turn it back on.  Here's what a paperback copy is going for now at Amazon.

+ $3.99shipping
Used - Like New
  • Seller: gb_book
  • Seller Rating:95% positive over the past 12 months. (2,881 total ratings)
  • In Stock. Ships from CA, United States. Expedited shipping available.
    Domestic shipping rates and return policy.
  • In very fine condition, like new

I don't know where they're getting them from.  I cancelled with Lightning Source so if gb book doesn't actually have a copy, there's no one to print one.  So if you want one that bad you can't spend $199 for a Kindle Fire and 99 cents for the digital book, I can give you a bargain price.  Or I can print it out on my printer and sign it for you.  That's personalized service!  For $5000, I'll bring it directly to your house and take you out for pizza, too.

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