Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dona, Dona, The Pizza Princess

(Note the reference to Zsa Zsa, too!  And this song is mentioned in the book.)

This started as a script called The Godmother.  I sent it to my agent at William Morris and he said "You really can write funny."  Yay!  Now I'm going to take Hollywood meetings!  "Who's gonna play Dona," Leo asks.  And I say "Um, an actress.  Marisa Tomei.  Fran Drescher.  Any actress who grew up in New York City."  But how it works in Hollywood is not that way, so it never went anywhere.  :-(

Since I had already been a novelist, I felt confident that I could turn it into a novel.  Years and incarnations later, we have this version.  Which is still cute and I still love Dona.

I made the dough, then made the pizza, went out with the Nikon and 40 mm lens (which I love), took the photo then built the cover.

Great.  We are so set.  Go to BN to upload it and there's no previous version under sad Robin's name.  WHAT?  I never published it to BN.  I never published it to BN??  How does that happen?

It took me a while to figure it out.  Sure, this was one of the first books I published through Smashwords, but when PubIt opened, I deleted everything from Smashwords, and yes, somehow neglected to republish it to BN.  I had a lot on my mind.  I was working on Bad Apple 1 at the time.

Did I think about putting Dona into Kindle Select?  Yes.  For about the length of time it took to ask and say no.
Kindle Select/Jeff Bezos already has enough of my full length works.  If at some point KS  seems more viable than it seems now, I can always change my mind.

On to the cookbook today.  Looks like I'll have some good light out there so it's more prep than writing.

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