Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nook Update 1.4 something

I had no idea it was available, if you didn't, you can go get it.  I couldn't seem to get it via wifi so we'll see if the download works.  I had to take the root chip out because the Nook device got totally confused by that.  Now we can watch movies on Netflix.  Except why should I pay for Netflix when I have Amazon Prime?  That Jeff Bezos is Dr. Evil, he thinks of everything!

I started on the new cook book.  I suspect it will be less comprehensive than the Verrines because I'm running out of time if I really want this done by Feb. 14.  So it can cost less, no big deal, right?  I'm a little confused about Kindle Singles or whatever it's called.  Yes to cookbooks or no.  Is a cook book a how-to book?  No children's books.  Does that include YA?  Kiddie lit is not YA so again I'm confused.

Every few days there seem to be posts on the state of legacy publishing and what all they're going to do differently now, or what they could do differently.  Most of the solutions seem to feature acquiring/keeping old rights from authors they have treated shabbily for years and then feeding at the trough without doing new work.  What a great business plan.  Why bother to publish new books at all in this case, just loot the vault for everything left and digitalize that.  With each new crisis they have, my disdain for them grows.  Now they think they've found a new way to stiff writers, so they can feed at the trough a little while longer.  Properties that had no value to them 2 years ago, they will now sue 90 year old women for.  And they're not embarrassed. 

I'm glad to be done with tradpub.  I suppose it's something of a tepid Housekeeping Seal of Approval to be published by one of the Big Six.  And I suppose if they give you enough money, the abuse they'll dish out could be worth it sort of in a Bucket List kind of way.  "I climbed Mt Kilamanjaro, I published with Random House, I got a tattoo..."  If it's something you want to do before you kick the bucket, definitely go for it.  Otherwise, the unpleasant aspects far outweigh the benefits to me.  Sorry.

Things we can do with toffee we didn't think of last week.

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