Friday, January 6, 2012

One Life To Live

As I said, it got cancelled and there's probably 1 week of shows left to air.  It's been so bad, I've been glad but tonight was just a little different.

When I was on the show, they managed to get Roscoe Born to sign on for a while.  I named his character.  Mitch Laurence.  I wrote scenes.  I talked to Roscoe.  I used an incident in Sweeps that actually happened with him at the studio.  He's terrific IRL.

It was strange to see him die.  Sure Vicki was shot and is maybe dying, but that character was there when I got there.  I had a hand in creating Mitch.  I came up with his lapis lazuli watchband.


New days.  New tastes.  New needs.  New technology. But people still want a good story and still like beautiful images.  Some things don't change.

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