Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oy! So Tired

I went shopping.  Got some items at the Dollar Store which were then stolen from my car in the Walmart parking lot.  I found the coolest spatula, too.  Oh well.  I guess they needed the heart doily more than I did.  (Did not, that was for a photo shoot!)  This is why I don't take the camera with me.  It would have to BE with me 100% of the time and I don't want the possibility of bumping it into something or dropping it.  And yet I used to take the Nikon F with me everywhere always.  How do you go pee with it?  You don't put it on the floor in the stall.  You try to hang it up on the little hook?  I can't face it.

Murder is Exhausting.  I've been saying all week that freebie Select hasn't resulted in sales.  I have no idea what the actual sales figure is because Amazon makes it impossible for me to do the math but let's call it 10 sales since last weekend.  And in the great way Amazon makes it possible for almost everyone to win a plastic trophy

While the Fiction>World Lit>Jewish is a very small category, gee #21,946 overall?  That's darn good.  That's better than the guy Konrath said was such a good writer.

Wait it just changed while I was there to close the page.

#18,619.  I'm starting to get impressed.

I've have thoughts all day because just getting to Walmart is a big trek.  Let's talk about my Kate book.  To get newcomers up to speed and to try to keep it brief.  I went to ABC to try to get a job writing for a soap.  And they didn't like me.  So I decided to write a book about a soap instead.  I was allowed to stay in the studio of All My Children all day, talking to everyone, seeing how soaps are made, blah blah.  Came home and wrote the book.  It was published by my publisher Atheneum, my editor was Jean Karl one of the foremost in the business ever, a lot of knowledgeable people read it.  It got me a job with Proctor & Gamble, then I became one of the youngest headwriters in the history of daytime television when I took over The Doctors.  It was optioned to be a television movie, it had a paperback version.  If it was lousy, someone would have mentioned it instead of throwing money at me for it.

You would not believe the bad, mean-spirited reviews I get on this book.  The characters are bland, I'm stupid, the movie is probably easier to understand (Huh?  There's no movie.)  I don't know how to write.  That was at 99 cents.  I haven't gotten a bad review since it went to $1.99 probably a year ago.

Bad reviews aren't a good thing to have on your book's page.  But besides being part of the drunk troll thing, they are more about people being unable to read.

Digital books are very much plot driven.  There's very little substance.  I don't like roller coasters a lot, but I do like a lot of other amusement part rides.  So riding a roller coaster or the Pirates of the Caribbean (not that freaky It's a Small World After All thing, that's really bad and creepier than the Haunted Mansion) is great fun. 
I hope not the only thing.  But some readers seem angered by content.  They can't follow it.  They can't detect nuance or subtlety or subtext.

I don't seek out reviews because they bother me.  I saw Bad Apple 1 got a 5 star review so I had to go see what was said.


Soulfull, January 17, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Bad Apple (Kindle Edition)
The first thing you will notice is the font. Very dos computer circa 1990, I never got use to it but I did get lost in the story to be able to forget about it.

The story is surprising. The beginning is ruff. But after about 30 pages, the story develop fast enough to get hook. I am surprised to find that this story although somewhat sad is very touching. Neal is a teenager who has seen it all and turned out to be very mature. She does get a brake in life with Truly the musicien.

I like the fact that all the bad things that are very dramatic such as physical abuse, rape etc are not mention per say but you imagation make you understand what the character is taking about.

Must read, I have started the second one.


This is an excellent review from someone in Quebec maybe?  French spelling of musicien, someone who is bi-lingual and French is their primary language?  She read it for meaning.  And I thank you, N. Drouin (sounds French to me).   The Bad Apple series is not a romp, it's textured, about two kids who have seen trouble in their own ways, it's about violence and abuse and the repercussions of that, so that was a very accurate reading.

Let this review remind you that Kindle hates Courier so if you write in that as I do, change it to Times New Roman when you upload to Amazon.  No one mentioned that to me starting out, and I'm systematically going back and reformatting everything.

I wanted that spatula!

Here's a lapel button to virtually wear.

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