Saturday, January 14, 2012

Verrine Thoughts

Grainy caramel.  Don't let it happen in the first place.  Follow the instructions in the book.  ALWAYS use honey, Lyle's Golden Syrup or corn syrup in with the white sugar.  Problem solved.  But if you don't do that and if you do get graininess, try to slowly--SLOWLY--low heat--remelt the mixture.  You have to be patient.  Once sugar burns, you can't go back.

Here's the real solution.  Start over.  You probably won't get it right the first time.  And sometimes you're distracted and even though you've done it correctly 10 times, 1 time it doesn't work.  Don't waste time trying to fix it.  It's not as though the ingredients are super expensive.  Altho I do have to say the price of butter makes me cringe.  Especially when I have one of the dogs getting up on the counter and helping herself to anything I'm not guarding.

I didn't know people were going to be this interested in verrines.  I was attracted to the lovely, colorful layers but didn't realize other people were as well.

Rice Pudding with Summer Fruits
I made a cookie today and I attempted to color it red.  It was so awful, so neon pink--although they tasted wonderful,  they looked like a nightmare--I threw out the few of them I made.  Usually when I'm experimenting, I start with a small batch so any catastrophes don't hurt too badly.  This was just some flour, sugar and oil and 2 egg whites.  The dogs get the yolks.  They're excellent, yes, raw.

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