Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's & Free Amazon Weekend

All this moves pretty fast but as of 0 dark of morning, Schtupid Cupid


Bad Apple 1 is not on the radar yet but while I was watching about 10 copies were downloaded.  The same activity is true at Amazon UK but less.

What lesson do we extract from this?  That there is substantial visibility possible at Amazon.  I can't say more than that.  We don't know if freebies lead to sales of the same book when they're no longer free and we don't know if they lead to any sales of other books you've written.  That's why it's an experiment.

Why did I take Bad Apple 1 off of BN?  Two reasons.  An intellectual one and an emotional one.  The emotional one first.  I was in a snit.  I went there to check the sales and the site was down.  I can't remember when that ever happened at Amazon.  Amazon has a support staff.  For about 8 months there was no one home at BN.  I'm trying to conduct business and I can't get help and I can't see my numbers.  Yes it's true there were more sales of BA1 at BN in Dec. than Amazon, but when you're talking under 10 copies for both sites, it's really not something to seriously consider.  I want that series to be found.  It's been out a year and languishing.  I had to do something.  Sorry BN, you weren't helping me.

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