Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amazon Freebie Weekend

I put Schtupid Cupid on Kindle Select because it wasn't selling on BN anyway.  It had always been linked to Not Low Maintenance and Unspeakably Desirable because Lis is Viva and Bel's cousin, they're in the book/novella and Viva is doing her shadchan (Yiddish for matchmaker) thing.  It was always heavy on the cross-promoing and when I decided to leave it as a novella, if I could have made it free forever as a gateway/intro to the other 2 books, that would have been fine.

The Verrine book was always about using the D7k for a food photography experiment.  Sure I had to invent the recipes and go through the whole process legitimately but since I was assured cookbooks don't sell, and this is a pretty narrow topic, I didn't hold out much hope.  After all, the Ice Cream Parlor has always been dead in the water.  I saw it as a vacation from fiction and enjoyed doing it.

Not much thought was given to putting either of them up as free, except Cupid on Valentine's Day.  I figured everyone would use the time between Christmas and New Year's to put their books up for free and mine would be lost but I decided to do a free weekend and use up 2 of my 5 free days.  (Kinda stingy on that part, Amazon.)

I don't know if they're lost or not compared to others but the response has been excellent so far and it's just getting light here.  I don't know how people are awake enough to be downloading books.

Do I want to put the Miller sister books on Kindle Select and remove them from BN?  No, I don't want to but I could see that I might.  The numbers are that I sell 3X more books at Amazon than BN but also the reality is also that the reviews are nicer at BN.


This is another effort at HDR photography.  Nothing dramatic, I'm experimenting for the cookbook I may do next year.  (That would be tomorrow.)

Me and food photography.  Everyone else is just content to put down some discolored utensils and old linens and be done with it.  I have to make an orange scream "I am not simply citrus fruit, I'm an orange" and all the lemons are groaning "just shut up".

Gives me an idea for what I'll do this afternoon instead of working on the novella.

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