Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ice Cream Parlor

I can't remember why I had to change it about a month ago.  Maybe I wanted it under my name not Silly Girl, Robin O'Neill's name.  That meant I had to rebuild the cover because the original Photoshop file was lost in that incident a couple months ago.  I didn't have the pieces anymore so I used what I had and went with that.  This morning I decided I would use a cover I liked but a friend said "But there's no ice cream."  Yeah but it was originally called The Soda Fountain and this is a beverage and it's colorful.  BN isn't uploading at the moment for me.  Maybe because it's raining or something.

Then I thought I'll just upload it to Kindle.  When I got there I realized it's still a Robin O'Neill older version there and the amount of work needed to get that into html with all the images is too daunting for today.

This is all quite a long way of saying Amazon needs to make it easier to upload books with images.  And here's a second thing that should be easier to do--create links to all the chapters.  I don't do that, I should, but I can't face it.  I looked at the instructions and it's like Photoshop.  You really have to be in the mood to address yourself to something that complicated.  Maybe it's something you can do with relative ease with Sigil but again, that's something you need to be prepared to learn.

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