Friday, December 2, 2011

Mocking Luddites Wherever I Go

I lose track of time but wasn't it only a couple months ago that tradpub was insisting that ebooks posed no threat to them because it only represented 8% of the market?  It seems today that all blog posts are about the enormous increases in ebook sales and the enormous drop in paper sales (they have to put more of that hmm hmm good book smell in them!)  which some are rightfully seeing as no phase but permanent.

If you like your RenFaire life, you can keep your RenFaire life.

Here's a tidbit from the middle ages.  They really ate with their fingers for the most part, it wasn't until later that forks showed up.  But they only ate with one hand.  The other was used to scratch flea bites.  It was considered dirty to scratch your arse and eat with the same hand, so you have to admire them for figuring that much out even if they thought forks were stupid.  You want to go back to that?  Go back to that.

I wanted to do a book on menstruation  some years ago.  All the women editors in NYC, in their wisdom and wymyniess thought it was yucky.  Perfectly natural female experience which assures the continuation of life on the planet and things called babies but ick!  Still I did research it to some degree and I asked my pal what her mother used in place of sanitary napkins which they did not have in China.  Folded brown paper bags.  That wasn't 200 years ago.  That was in the 20th century and probably very close to the 2nd half of it if not already past the 1950s.

If you like your RenFaire life, please keep your RenFaire life to yourself and remember to recycle all used paper products.  Someone else would like to use that paper.

I have to go finish my novella.

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