Sunday, December 11, 2011


I heard from Amazon.  That's great, it was within 48 hours.  (I'm still here all weekend not hearing from Nikon.)

Hello Barbara,

Thanks for letting us know about the pricing concern with your book. 

We'll look into this and update the price. You can expect to see it changed within the next couple business days. 

Thanks for your understanding.


Kindle Direct Publishing
Wait.  I don't understand.  Please explain how this happened.  Was it a normal thing, part of a promotion, was it a computer mistake?  Intentional?  Evil?  Benign?  Do I deserve some insight into what happened or I should just accept that it's getting fixed and move on.
I took about 200 test shots with the camera yesterday.  See if you focus the lens on an old camera, the shutter opens, the light strikes the film and and image is created.  WYSIWYG.  With a digital camera you focus, the camera assures you it's in focus, you can see it's in focus and then when you look at it, something potentially evil has happened and it ain't in focus.  I don't know what of the thousands (it seems like) buttons and combos you can press to impact this result.  I'm too dumb.  I'm back at the you point the camera and focus and that's what you wind up with.  There is ZERO Depth of Field no matter what I do.  DOF is how much of the image is clear/in focus.  The faster the speed the larger the aperture the greater the DOF but also the greater the potential for noise or grain.
It's like the aperture doesn't work.  It doesn't matter what I set the thing at all the photo is out of focus.  This runs counter to anything we know about cameras, even expensive digital ones. 
So maybe there will be a Christmas Breads Made Easy book this year or maybe not.
Maybe there will be a Christmas Horse or maybe not.  If I could write like that woman who does 10,000 wds a day, it could be finished by Wednesday!  Yay me.    I've never been that fast even when I knew what I wanted to say.
Today the cute plumber is coming here to fix some things before the really cold weather begins so that means more likely test bread than writing.

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