Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Latest Word On Kindle Lending For Indies

"Please know, work published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) isn't currently eligible to be included in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. If this changes in the future, we'll communicate details about the program in the KDP Help pages and in our Community Forum."
They won't send us an email?  Okay.  Whatever.
The reason I wrote to KDP is that I had a stupid, no really it was stupid, review for Dream Horse at Amazon UK.  Dream Horse is a middle reader book.  And this adult bought it and was "cross" she had wasted .88 euros or whatever (99 cents) on a book that was not about adults and did not tell her what to do when she was so foolish to buy a horse and find herself overmounted.  So she left me a 1 star review.  Which according to the comment left by someone else, this person does all the time. 
So there's Charlie, dead in the water, because of this drunk troll.  Then on Dec. 1 Amazon put all the US reviews over on the UK pages as a beta test.  I thought that was great because all my American reviews are from kids shouting "This is the best book ever!!!!"  I want them to keep this practice.
And BN after 11 months can't remove 2 malicious reviews written by kids who didn't even read the book.  Sheesh. 
Amazon and BN need to do better at handling indies.  They both need strong support, which BN doesn't have at all.  We need to be able to publish at $0 without going through Smashwords.  We need some kind of recourse or defense against malicious reviews.  We need some kind of recourse or defense again the websites who may make whimsical and inappropriate judgments regarding content.  The time to publish and make the book live should be no more than 24 hours. 
Everyone has just been so grateful and thrilled to have an option other than the hellhole of tradpub, that we've accepted whatever Amazon and BN offer.  The reality is they weren't ready for how big this became so fast.  They didn't think it through and now they're playing catch up.  They need to be aware they have to do better for us while they make everything so beautifully shiny for their customers. 
Again.  Famous words-- Content is king.

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