Saturday, December 17, 2011

Put The Blame on Mame, Boys

Tradpub is desperately seeking someone to blame for their current predicament.  Since Amazon is doing so well, it's obviously Amazon's fault.  After it stops being Amazon's fault, and no one is submitting books to the great stinking dinosaurs in quantity, they will blame the writers.

Some years ago I had an idea for a YA.  Of course I submitted it and everyone reacted the way I did at the Nature Center when they said "Put your hand in this bag and tell your classmates if you can discern what it is."  "Uh no."  "It's a wasps' nest."


That's how they reacted.  And that's the reason why they need lots and lots of people to blame since they can't blame who rightfully deserves the blame--themselves.

I remembered those 6 chapters today and I think I'm halfway to a nice novella.

The camera works just fine.  Did some preliminary shots for the cover of the novella this morning.  Photoshop still has the capacity to make me nuts.

Update:  For some reason, there is no "obvious" easy way to center anything in Photoshop.  You click the center icon and nothing  Those are the instructions at  Okay.  It's really easy.  Select all.  Click on the Move arrow.  All the alignment choices will magically appear.  Click on any one you want--like center.  Presto-chango, the text or the image centers.

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