Thursday, December 1, 2011

Death of the CD

If you like your tradpub, keep it.  The rest of the world is moving to a digital only format.
Here's another thing I don't understand.  Why do people who seem reasonably intelligent want us to return to an era before modern technology was developed?

But anyway, if you really love those CDs stock up because after next year--morte.

Good luck with your RenFaire existence.
PS--It's not the higher moral ground.
I have a question.

Why is the style of food photography, and not only on the blogs, I've seen it in books, to use antique utensils that look like if you used them, you'd be poisoned?

The photos are always lovely, artfully designed, well lit and the "silverware" is always not stainless or not silver.
It looks like white metal from the 1930's, stained, corroding, peeling and absolutely unsafe for use.  Sorry.  I'm dense.  I don't get it.  Is the point to look like it came from Grandma Sadie's kitchen?  If so, why?  Grandma Sadie used lard in everything.  She wasn't a chef.  She maybe made fluffy biscuits but that's about it.

The mythology of the Amish is that they are such great cooks and so back to the earth.  This is wrong.  Their quilts are made with polyester fabric, they use margarine, food coloring, artificial flavors and everything else we stay away from because they're NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

Who knows what metal they used 50 years ago?  This is nuts.

So how do we find out about Kindle Lending?  I thought they would email us or send up flares.  Something.
At midnight.  Now it's well into morning and not a peep.  Did Jeff change his mind?

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