Monday, December 12, 2011

Nothing New To Say?

There was a blog post somewhere this weekend that said it's all been said before.  Everything's been said before, don't we all know that?  I don't think anyone's coming here for my insights, they come here misdirected by google image searches.

Since my camera is broken big time I can't really provide images for the book I obviously cannot write before Christmas.  Which means I just have to try to write a sequel to the horse books.

I'd like to say one thing about One Life To Live.  Since you tape weeks in advance, they are done.  The sets are all gone--they used to be stored downtown but maybe ABC ditched them--the studio is empty.  The writing of these last few months is as bad as I've ever seen.  Every time I see Clint, I think it's Ross Marler from Guiding Light.  I hope Jerry Ver Dorn has a great life from here on.

A lot of people, maybe hundreds, are out of work now and maybe forever between  the loss of AMC and OLTL.  ABC came up with cheaper shows to produce.  Couldn't everyone just accept a little less?  Apparently not.

The Doctors last show aired on New Year's Eve Day.  Very sad.  NBC killed it.  They wanted something cheaper to produce, too.  Things change.  Maybe more people are out of the house in the middle of the day and unable to watch television.  Maybe soaps aren't relevant anymore in the way they once were.  People don't watch television in the way they did.  Don't you prefer to watch it when it's convenient for you rather than because a show airs at a certain time?  I love to watch Pan Am but I don't have networks on my satellite and I like to watch it during lunch on the weekends.  Hulu makes this possible.

You don't have to drag around a book anymore, you have a reader jammed full of books.  You read when and where it's convenient.  You find what you want not what a bookstore thinks you should want.  You have access to books tradpub doesn't think you want.

I'm surprised there's not more experimentation going on either in television or publishing or even digital publishing.  Maybe in the new year, we'll see people stepping away from the old pathways and trying something they want to do.

Maybe people don't even know what they want to do anymore.  Freedom is like that.  Confronted by the ability to do anything, people become paralyzed and do nothing.

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