Thursday, December 22, 2011

Does This Work? 2

I have no idea what these books are, they can be in the Top 10.  All we're looking at is design elements.

The first thing I think is--can you explain this to me?  I'm sure there's a reason why you would combine a curly font and a scriptish font but I don't know what it is.  Then I don't understand why you would combine brown and black on white.  I am being serious when I say I'm confused by this.

Normally I don't do black and white.  Hey I have a blog.  The background is white and the text is in dark blue.  Black and white is stark and dramatic.  It's serious.  Look at the cover to Rise.  2 colors.  Black and white.  That is not a book filled with humor, light-hearted incidents and happy-go-lucky people.  Neal is trying to avoid being killed.  Yes, she's in love with Tru and Tru is in love with her.  That is also very serious.  It's not about teen puppy love.

Solution.  Stick with 1 bold, easy-to-read font in a single color.  I want to say stay away from white as a background but since I do it myself it's hard for me to say no.  The drawback to white is that it is demanding and uncompromising.  It gives you no place to hide.  If you are off, boy, it's going to show.  If you are confident that all your choices are spot-on, go with the white.


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