Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rights in the Known Universe

Over at The Passive Voice, PG is having a multiple post discussion on contracts.  New and unique ways publishers are trying to squeeze their writing "partners" for every dime.  They're suing.  Isn't that about the last resort--to throw a "legal" temper tantrum.  Sue surviving families for rights that didn't exist when the contract was signed.  Cool.  That's inventive.

My pal Allen Atkinson was a wonderful illustrator and once signed away rights to his work in the known universe.  The publisher figured we'd wind up in space and they wanted the rights to Allen's watercolors of Mother Goose when we got to Mars.

On one hand it's silly but at the heart it's evil.  This well is poisoned. 

Let's try to finish the year on a high note.  I was searching for a tutorial on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and found a site with lots of stunning images.  Trey Ratcliffe.  Poke around and you'll find things like this

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