Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Did It Again

Last night I watched, partially rewatched, a movie on The Man Hating Channel aka Lifetime Movies.

I admit I'm confused as to why these stories are popular.  That includes TV, books and movies.  I don't tell these kind of stories and but for the anomaly of NLM earlier this year, my sales reflect how off-genre I am.  So here's my advice--don't take my advice.  But I'll talk about this story anyway.

It was a haircut on the actual Yorkshire true story about the WI (is that what it's called, Tina?) and their nude calendar.  The book this movie was based on was a chicklit (?) by Phillipa Ashley.  (No American women are named Phillipa altho they should be because then you can be called Flip.)

So tres diminuative Kristen Chenoweth who sounds when talking like Alvin of the chipmunks but when singing sounds like Beverly Sills--she's a star of Broadway musicals, great voice.  She's a NYC bitch who loses her job (no, I didn't like the character, is that coming through?) and the ONLY gig she can get is in beautiful Kalispell Montana which requires many snide remarks from Miss Wonderful.  She openly mocks, to the camera, all the residents.  They're so provincial, so prosaic, so pathetic.

It brings to mind the also NYC bitch, real one, who wondered why the NYFD rushed into the WTCs on 9-11 to try to rescue people.  Answer--some people care about other people and want to help because life is precious.

Just like that real bitch, this bitch can't understand concepts like volunteer fire department and volunteer rescue service.  "You couldn't PAY me enough to do that."  I'm sure that's true.  Helping your neighbor is stupid and what do you get out of it.  If she's in a burning building, let's consider leaving her there until she figures it out. 'K?

For some fantastical reason, or an extremely dysfunctional childhood, the guy she has demeaned the most takes a liking to her.  She sleeps with him (this is...what, modern?) but apparently has no deep feelings for him.  Then she goes back to her life in NYC where the real real action/life/thinkers are.  When he's hurt, she can't get back to him quick enough.  See?!?!  She's a nice person after all!  Her feelings are deeper than a saucer!  Oh joy!

I do not understand this story and the 1000 others that are just like this.  Didn't we just go through this with the Renee Zellweger movie that was EXACTLY the same except she was from Miami and went to Deep Freeze Minnesota. 

That's all I have to say about this reeking movie.  I will say the Hallmark Channel does a better job of programming away from such shallowness.

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