Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If You Like Your Legacy Publishing

You can keep your legacy publishing.

There was a post by someone yesterday somewhere--if you can find it good/bad for you, it wasn't that pleasant to read--that basically said "Indie writers suck!" AND AND AND "I am so much better than they are because I am a literary writer, an artist and I appeal to the elites of the world, not the stupid semi-literate peasants."

It's funny how Charles Dickens wrote for the masses and now he's considered one of the greats.  Ditto Shakespeare.  And double ditto Chaucer who actually WROTE in English when the language of the court in England was French.  He wasn't writing for his royal pals, he was writing for the "underclass".

Here's another funny observation.  The more people talk about classlessness, the more you know they believe they are in the elite upper class.  Not to put too fine a point on it--the insufferable elite upper class.

Did you see where in Communist China the off-spring of the ruling class live like royalty driving around in Mercedes wearing tailored suits and going to the best restaurants?  I thought the point of China was that EVERYONE rode a bicycle and ate maggoty rice.


I am such a prole.  All I can think about...well is about my car getting fixed, but also that tomorrow Kindle Lending opens to indies.

When Bad Apple went free on BN, the sales of BA 2 and 3 (Burning Daylight & Rise) increased even though I upped the price of them.  So yeah, I'm very interested in making BA 1 free on Amazon.  Although my YA sales at Amazon are not anything to brag about.  Different sort of readers at Amazon and BN.  Different.

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