Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Did You Buy

Say you buy a book to download from Barnes and Noble for your Nook and then you decide to get a Kindle Fire because of all the goodies Amazon throws in.  Then you realize you want to read NOT LOW MAINTENANCE on your Kindle but oops it's in epub not mobi.  Here's the question.  Should it be a felony for you to convert the intellectual property you paid for into another format even if it involves copying it?

What are we buying?  Are we buying a 1 time use?  Is it ours to use on whatever device we have, or can they specify how we're to use it?  Then are we renting it?  What exactly are we buying?

Music has been through this already with iTunes and their proprietary format.  It was an annoyance.  It's reassuring to see that publishing learned nothing from the music business, at least they're consistent in the not-learning by experience mode.

But I'm sure the lobbyists and politicians who make up the laws are thrilled with the money exchanging hands.  Pigs at the trough.

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