Monday, November 7, 2011

Something About Time

Time Is On My Side.
Time Has Come Today.

What's this about?  It's about the spread of life.  How things change. For me, going from paper to digital.  I'm writing more than ever, having more fun with it.

Yesterday I got an email from my pal in England.  She read Flash and loved it, thought it could be a movie.  Nice idea, but only if it was a web movie or something.  And she sent me a picture of a box of shoes she bought while on vacation in Italy.  WHAT?  I looked at it quickly with my mind really on Flash 2.  Then about 5 minutes later I realized something.

It's a freaking cake!  She's starting a business.  She never did this before and suddenly she's going to bake these incredible cakes.

Okay, so yes, I should have realized it was a cake especially since I had watched the Lego Cake Challenge on Food TV just a couple hours earlier.  That's how hard I concentrate on my work.  When I'm writing, I'm really focused, so no, I didn't immediately recognize it as dessert.

You can do something different at any time.

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