Friday, November 25, 2011

Wow Amazon DE

I don't make it a point to check the books very often here or any other country so I was quite surprised to see this for Mr Mitnick's Harem

Fremdsprachige translates to foreign language according to the google translator.  So maybe it's possible to sell in Germany without being in German.  I'm sure it would help but I'm not convinced $3000 worth which was what the translator woman quoted me.

Mr Mitnick's Harem is a book that hasn't found its audience yet which is disappointing but probably predictable.  It's not like other mysteries.  A lot of lip service is paid to nonconformity but when it comes right down to it, people want the same thing but different.  They don't want different.  Some people do but most people find their comfort zone with everyone else.  I didn't think this was that off-genre but apparently it is.

I included a number of illustrations in it.  Why?  Because I like to.  Didn't books used to be illustrated?  Not just children's books?  I don't know.

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