Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shorts and Pricing

For anyone new to the blog, I'm not crazy about the 99 cents price point.  I read somewhere that neither is Jeff Bezos who thinks the right price is $2.99 and up.  As in most things there is some kind of equation between size and price.  The bigger something is, the more expensive.  If you're already at 99 cents, and you write something short, you can't price the thing lower so all you can do is raise the price of everything else.

I think this in an unfortunate time to be raising prices given the economy here and around the world but if someone just spend $200 on a Fire, maybe they're not hurting that much.

I've been collecting public domain images in a number of topics for the past couple years and thought I would compile them into a short book.  It's less that I believe such a thing will sell and more the enjoyment of doing it as well as doing something other than fiction that won't be a huge investment in my time.  I don't know what that's worth.  $0?  Free in the Kindle Lending Program?  99 cents because there's no other choice?

Do people want short?  They should.  There used to be magazines full of short stories. Given everyone's attenuated attention spans, this would seem like a good direction to go in.  More choice is always better than less.  Unless of course you are incapable of making up your mind and prefer no choice at all which is often me, sad to say.

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