Friday, November 18, 2011

Nikon D7k

I sent the body in for servicing and have been checking everyday for status.  "In shop" was what it was designated all week.  So was I very surprised to come home from a quick trip to the anabaptist market to find it was now "shipping".  Yay.  Imagine my further surprise when I clicked on the tracking link that it was on the UPS truck and would arrive in under 2 hours.

What did they do?  Replaced the Autofocus gear shaft.  Adjusted the Autofocus.  Upgraded the firmware.  Cleaned it so well it looks like it's never been touched by human hands.

I ran some test shots.  Color me disappointed with the 55-200 zoom.  It's a cheap lens and looks like it.  The 85 mm is about 3X the $ and looks like it.  I know which lens I'll be using from now on.

I was using the Nook Color this morning to check my non-sales at BN and I wanted to see what the new Sweeps cover looks like on a tab and I wound up unpublishing it.  Some idiot computer genius said a couple months ago there is no need for desktops anymore now that tablets have been invented.  Fill in the blank with whatever swear words appeal to you.  Are you nuts?  Adults fingers are too big for a tablet unless you keep pinching or whatever the reverse is called--spreading, embiggening?  And just tell me how in all that is holy you would write an entire book with 1 finger on the fake keyboard.  Or does that much work require a portable keyboard to go along with the tablet?  AFAIC that just destroyed the point of the tab.  A tablet is perfect for reading.  It's okay for some other things but probably the older you are, the less patience you have with its limitations.

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