Thursday, November 3, 2011


I understand that people in one way or another have always liked to be taken from their personal reality and experience something else.  That's storytelling.  I just wonder why right now "fantasy" seems to be such a huge genre.  Lump all the vampires, paranormal, sci fi and such in there.  Anything that does not smack of real world.
Is this world so terrible that we must escape?

My sales at Amazon are in the tank.  Not so much at BN.

Here's a vintage postcard.  I didn't clean it up in Photoshop but I did run a couple functions in Lightroom on it.  I read somewhere that Lightroom is a Photoshop Lite--they both do the same things.  As I've said for the last 18 months or so the learning curve on PS is very steep, it's hard to navigate and the help from Adobe is not very helpful.  I don't know how to do in there what I could do in Lightroom so easily.  It all depends on what you need to do.  If you need to build a cover, you want Photoshop or something like it (GIMP although I could never figure that one out).  Lightroom is really good at tweaking images.



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