Monday, November 28, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor

Since I forgot to publish it on BN, I rectified that today and I'm not looking forward to doing that again anytime soon.  There were a myriad of computer/programming type problems that stumped me and they weren't easily solved.  My last resort was downloading Sigil which I struggled with the first times I tried it and I still don't have a clue but it did what I needed.  I know I lost all my page breaks.

I also had to remake the cover since it was lost when all my pictures were wiped out a while back.  Most of the psd (Photoshop) files weren't recoverable, so that was one of them.  I simplified it and even still it took much longer than I wanted to invest.

At some point I may redo it but heck, I'm busy! 

I had a good day yesterday at BN.  I honestly can't tell what each day's sales are at Amazon since they're cumulative.

I saw where Amazon UK pulled some bestselling book without notifying the author and they lost thousands of dollars in sales.  That's a very unfortunate story but as long as indie publishers have no recourse at all against the Kronos of Amazon, we'll keep hearing about these incidents.

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Anne R. Allen said...

I just saw your tale of Amazon woe on the Passive Guy blog and wanted to thank you for sharing it. I think this is happening quite a lot, but people are terrified to bite the cyber-hand that feeds them and talk about it online.

But trolls have a huge amount of power there that seems to go pretty much unchecked. When that's combined with tech glitches like Saffi's--and like my book disappearing two days after launch--no malice, just a glitch--but it all can be a massive blow to our incomes.

Scary stuff. I hope all has been straightened out. And that your French-illiterate troll has moved on.