Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Fun Than Anything Else

For me! 

Murder is Exhausting.

How do I account for it?  That's a question we shouldn't even ask.  It got a new cover (which is cute, isn't it?), it got a new title, and it went for a 1 day freebie.

Sorry.  I don't see how the freebie helps unless people thought it would be available for 2 days in a row and when they went back, it wasn't free anymore.

I love Umberto Eco.  He's a marvelously intelligent man, a wonderful thinker.  I've read Foucault's Pendulum many times, ditto Travels in Hyperrelativity (I think that's the name of it).  In one article he said he liked writing for a newspaper (don't hold me to it) because he could think out loud but he reserved the right to change his mind.

In the next day or so I'll write about what I've been thinking and discussing but you have to know none of it is fully tested.  It's a suspicion I have.   I have been doing this writing thing for quite a while--books, screenplays and television--so maybe my instincts are good on this. 

Writing a book is like being a monk.

Writing in the entertainment business is more like cage fighting.

Where we are now seems to fall someplace in the middle.

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