Friday, January 20, 2012

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It...Wait, Don't Let it

Big snowstorm predicted for overnight.  That should be... wintery.  Sweet Tarts and Murder Is Exhausting will have free days this weekend.  I haven't seen the kind of results others have but then I'm not writing in the same genres.  I guess.  This is 1.5 months old in the history of the entire world, I sure don't have it figured out yet.  I've had a couple thoughts that I'm not quite ready to discuss in public yet but I've run them by a couple others and they thought I was making sense.  That's  a rarity!

There's no magic bullet for this process.  Publicity doesn't seem to work.  Having traditionally published prior to digital doesn't seem to help unless you were hugely successful before.  What works is the work, the hard stuff.  Write a good book, a good description, eye-catching cover.  Rinse and repeat.  There are genres that are hotter than others.  If you write in those genres, you have a better chance of catching the wave.  If you don't, you wait until your niche audience arrives.

RIP Etta James

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