Monday, January 2, 2012

Freebie Weekend and What I Make of It


The human mind does search for explanations.  Maybe it's a safety feature and not a bug.  If you don't understand how dangerous wooley mammoths are, you'll keep getting devoured by them.

Schtupid Cupid did well (for me) download numbers wise and rankings in some categories, I think the whole Jewish aspect narrows the audience.  Bad Apple1--wonderful book no vampires, not a lot of life-threatening suspense being played out.  If you want to be scared and thrilled and taken on a wild ride, this is not it.  Verrines-- super narrow and I was thrilled at how many were downloaded.  Cupid actually had more downloaded in the UK yesterday than US.  I thought that was lovely.

A woman who wrote a historical mystery had 8000 copies downloaded.  So all mine put together were about 10% of her number.

My pal Chris (no, I have a point, stay with me) published a couple of his books and had bigger things on his mind so ignored them.  Until a couple days ago when he saw he had sold 18 copies.   He had done nothing not even rewrite the description as I begged him to.  (He says he will now.)

People will--repeat WILL--find you.  Amazon makes it easy to navigate around and drill down.  Yes, you're going to do better if your book is for the widest audience possible.  But if not, you can still be found and read and gets some numbers going for you.  It's your job to make them glad they did find you.

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