Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Malicious Reviews

I finally got back to Ms H at BN who helped me with removing ridiculous reviews last time.
I'm giving up with it.  BN is not organized to address these issues.  Amazon is.  It's better than tradpub's slings and arrows, so just something to accept.

I rarely get ridiculous reviews at Amazon.  I get mean ones, sure.  I rarely get mean reviews at BN, but  get a lot of kids who can't download the book/the sample/don't know how to type.

I don't feel like this is my job.  Site maintenance and patrol is the province of the company who is selling my work.  If you flag the review, someone should be there to find out why and determine if company policy thinks it should be removed.  Flagging it and having no response is a waste of a click.

You're caught because there are readers who will say "I never buy a book with under 4 stars, I've been burned too many times".  Then you have a couple drunk trolls drag you down to 3 stars and we know you are now out of the prime Amazon algorithm.  This is not a joke, this is about sales.  Bad/malicious reviews can impact the future of your book.  This is reality, not me overreacting.

But screw it.  I can't do anything about it.

Making marshmallows this morning.  I was going to make shortbread too but I'll bet I won't.  The book is essentially done.  I want it to be done.  Booklette.

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