Monday, February 13, 2012

Table of Contents

What I forgot to mention is that ALL (I know it runs contrary to logic) the chapters will be designated as Heading 1.  You think Chapter 1 is 1.  Chapter 2 is 2.  Chapter 3 is 3.  No.  It doesn't work like that for this purpose.

The instructions are pretty good in Word (surprisingly) so start there.  Search for Table of Contents in the Help File.  Then you will  mark each by highlighting the chapter/whatever with the heading style.  Click Heading 1.  I had a hard time finding that.  It's to the extreme right on the ribbon under the Home tab.

Once that's done you will go back and click create table of contents and it should happen.


Got a nice little review on Smashwords today for Map of a Heart

Review by: Lindsey J Carden on Feb. 13, 2012 : star star star star star
Lovely poetry with soulful pictures. One to load up and read again and again.
Well done.

Some people are happy and other people feel it's their duty to correct everyone.

This is one of my favorite movies scenes of all times.  Not for it's artistic quality but for targeting a certain mindset.  Mr.  Mom

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