Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's The Right Price For Dream Horse

I don't have a clue.  But it's been available for almost 2 years at the bargain price of 99 cents so I'm upping it to $1.49.  It's not that I don't get lovely reviews on it and I'm trying to avoid drunk trolls, it's more along the lines of I think it's unrealistic.  I don't know that when I was a child Nancy Drew books cost 99 cents.  They sure don't now.

So if the reader isn't paying for paper and shipping and all that tradpub stuff, they're paying for my tap dance.  That "Intellectual Property" thing that's so nebulous.

We think nothing of going to the movies, paying quite a bit, sitting there and leaving with nothing but the experience.  It may be a grand and stirring experience but still, you take nothing concrete home.  If you want to see it again, you pay again.  Music and movies on DVD are different, you get the disk or download and you can enjoy it many times.  Or not.

Movies are enormously expensive in terms of the life experience required to bring one to completion.  Not only do you have a writer, you have the actors and all the technical people.  How important is perfect lighting, or excellent camera work?  Critical.  These are not skills learned overnight, they require years of experience.  So movies are rather a bargain.

Books are rather a bargain as well for the most part.  Someone lived a life that brought them to the place where they could create a novel.  They put in thousands of hours perfecting their craft, their skills, their artistry.  It's not rocket surgery but it's not something everyone can do so anything rare comes at a price.

It just doesn't seem like that's true when there are several million books available at Amazon today.

I think American Idol made a big mistake not bringing Johnny Keyser back.  I hope he goes on to create a career and entertains millions of people.

RIP Davy Jones.  I enjoyed your work greatly and we shared a love of horses.

This is the beet and carrot salad I had for lunch.  Aren't the colors lovely?

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