Friday, February 24, 2012

CreateSpace Cover Just Murder

No, I mean I only changed the cover for Murder is Exhausting.  So I tweaked it and they said "You do know you have to go through the review process again?"  You have to review it again, it's fine with me.

I couldn't easily (there is a limit how much I'm going to bother with this for me, since I'm one of the few people who will ever see it) find a curly frame to echo the curly outline of the couch, so I went with a curly border.  It's a Photoshop brush, a free download.

Why didn't I drop it down farther?  Barcode goes in the lower right corner of the back cover and you can't design over that.

I thought about which book I'd do next and thought Nothing Serious was probably a good choice.  It had originally been written for the romance market--geez, I'm so not a romance writer--so that never happened.  And I some point I thought I'll self-pub it in large print but digital came along and I gladly gave up paper publishing.  What you don't think about is there is a market for large print books and mainstream publishers ignore it.  The few publishers who do such things are limited.  So it's a vital niche market.  Think about it.

NS is a short book and wouldn't be hugely long with a 16 pt font so I suspect that's my next project.

Update--Quite excited.  Got Nothing Serious through the CreateSpace meatgrinder on the 2nd try.  1st try was a problem with the PDF.  Open Office does it quicker/easier than Word.  But I did the whole document in Word, plus Drop Caps this time.  I guess I spend the afternoon doing the cover.

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