Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dream Horse and Its CreateSpace Junket

Luckily I had a nice bottle of Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider Ginger Flavor to get me through this one without running screaming outside and throwing myself into the pond.

I'm going to guess and say between me and my computer genius pal, we created about 12 versions of the file both in Word and Open Office, none of which made it through the CreateSpace meatgrinder and yet oddly enough looked perfect on our monitors.  Did I ever get a version that passed in doc?  No.

Here's what I did.  I took the most perfect version, looked at it again, made sure all the chapters started on a right side page, made sure all the numbering was correct, made sure that I could live with whatever little bits might be slightly skewed and I turned it into a PDF.  I uploaded that and CreateSpace became Happy Happy Happy.

Then I swore a lot.  And then uploaded the cover.

You are absolutely correct, I didn't put anything about the book on the back cover, just some reviews from BN.
It's not like this is destined to be sold in stores, it'll be at Amazon.  Read about it in the description.

When I did Impossible Charlie through Lightning Source, yes, I did the back cover all perfect, just like a real book.   This was already a big enough hassle, I didn't want to take on more.

Yes, it's a simple cover.  For this purpose, it doesn't need to be more designed than that.  It's about 5000% better than the original cover that Atheneum stuck me with, a grim and dark green and gray thing with terrible artwork.
Here there's beautiful Sparkle who will live on forever--you can't get better subject matter than him. 

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